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Menampilkan postingan dari Agustus, 2021

Aje & His Role in Consulting Services

  Since 2018, Aje Basalamah has been involved in carrying out his role at Ardhi Widjaya & Co (Public Relations & MarComm Consulting). This master graduate of financial management and also a practitioner in the field of event & wedding organizer is pleased to be a part of the co-partner Ardhi Widjaya & Co because undergoing consulting is a part of his interests. Involvement with clients which he has handled are projects of Batik & Bakpia Wong Jogja, Inolabs Indonesia (a medical software company), nDalem Sardan Guesthouse, Suwatu by Mil & Bay and Kedai Ramban restaurant. The scope handled by Aje focuses a lot on the realm of training and internal relations. "All clients are pleasant, it's just that the most memorable when handling Suwatu by Mil & Bay," he said. The project that Aje handled at a restaurant named Suwatu by Mil & Bay was in-house administrative training for the purchasing, storage and sales divisions. Suwatu by Mil&Bay (