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Concerning in Public Mental Health during COVID-19 Pandemic, Counsellors Speak…

What happened in the second quarter of 2020 was something that shook the world. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic besides causing the spread of the disease itself, it also has a devastating effect on the global financial crisis. Thus, even though they are not exposed to physical illness, many people have undergone mental health problems during this pandemic. A millennial woman who is also a legal practitioner, Agita Pasaribu, has a special concern for public mental health due to the pandemic. For that reason, she took the initiative to form Bullyid Indonesia, a non-profit organization that has provided a digital channel for free psychiatric and legal counseling since May 2020. The Platform Agita said, "The Bullyid Indonesia platform, apart from providing counseling for mental health and legal issues, also provides action services both in the realm of law and information technology". In this case, if a client feels intimidated by cyberbullying, the hatespeech materia