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Dewi "Little Garden" Between Architecture & Plant Based Food Couture

Dear gentle readers, you may see Dewi “Little Garden” as polite as Kartini and brave in actions like Srikandi. She is the figure whom Ardhi Widjaya & Co met on a drizzly afternoon at Warung Jembarati, where she serves plant-based menus from her “Little Garden” kitchen. For her, architecture is an adrenaline rush, but plant based foods is her passion in life to develop this culinary business. At the beginning of their final year of college, Dewi and her husband, who was still a potential husband to be at that time, started to build the Banyu Bening Deco, a business for architectural and interior design & furniture services. The business was developed by the two of them to prepare for the wedding expenses. However, as the business progressed, because at that time it received a lot of criticism, so Dewi tried to find opportunities for other businesses while still carrying out her architectural services. In order to achieve satisfaction for the work she made, after marriage, De