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Start Up & Millennial, Can You Relate?

The description of start-up companies filled by millennial generation is relevant today. The dynamics of the rapidly developing IT world are identical with the cheerful and energetic millennial spirit. Likewise with Empat Kali, a Fintech (Financial Technology) platform with a peer to peer lending system that offers flexible payments through 0% interest installments for four times on several online store websites that have collaborated with it. Ghaldy - Social Media Strategist & CRM One of the millennial profiles in the Empat Kali Company that contributed to the start-up marketing process is Ghaldy Baldy Glend, Social Media Strategist & Customer Relations Manager. For Ghaldy, working at a start-up company under a foreign auspices requires extensive creative power. Moreover, since last June 2020, Empat Kali has been under the auspices of Afterpay from Australia. Even though Empat Kali is a Fintech industry, its services are closely related to the millennial lifestyle. Ghaldy ex