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Alam Ganjar and His Political Legacy

During the 2024 presidential election campaign, in the appearance of several family members of several presidential candidates, Alam Ganjar's appearance stole attention. Muhammad Zinedine Alam Ganjar, familiarly known as Alam, is the only son of the Governor of Central Java and presidential candidate number 3, Ganjar Pranowo.   Born on December 14, 2001, Alam is an active Gen Z who has a fresh political vision. How fresh is Alam's understanding of the political vision? Alam has a political vision that focuses on technological progress, education, and youth. He believes that technology can be a powerful tool to improve people's quality of life. Alam also wants to increase access to quality and affordable education for everyone. Apart from that, he wants to empower youth to become innovative and creative future leaders.   As a Gen Z, Alam is active on social media and often uses these platforms to exchange ideas about politics and social issues. He also has interests